How to fit your body and Lose Weight Just by Exercising

How to fit your body and Lose Weight Just by Exercising

Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated: if you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight! However, you don’t have to go on a strict diet or count every calorie to be successful in weight loss. If you create an active lifestyle and make exercise a habit, you’ll be able to lose weight.

Write your exercise goals down.

The simple act of writing down your goals makes you much more likely to accomplish them.
Make your goals realistic. If you’ve never run a mile, don’t make your goal to run two miles a day during your first week of exercise.

Create a schedule.

You want to have set days for your workouts. You should gradually increase the duration and difficulty of your workouts.Choose the type of cardio you enjoy. Some types of cardio include: walking, swimming, running, and jumping rope.

Create high-intensity cardio sessions.

Cardio workouts are an essential part of burning calories and fat. With cardio, you can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.Do your cardio for at least twenty minutes at a time for maximum benefit.
Add in intervals to your workout. For example, sprint as fast as you can for one minute, then walk for two minutes.

Add strength training.

Even though cardio is the quickest way to lose fat and burn calories, strength training is an important part of keeping the weight off and maintaining your muscle mass.As your muscle increases, so will your metabolism.
You don’t need a gym to strength train.

Start with body weight exercises.

These include: sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, planks, bur pees, and lunges.
Gradually add in weights.Exercises with dumbbells, like curls or trice extensions, can especially help to target your arms and reduce arm fat.

Vary your workouts.

If you do the same exercises every day, you’ll be more likely to burn out and get bored or reach a fitness plateau and have a difficult time losing weight.Alternate days between cardio and strength training.
Switch up your cardio. Maybe go for a long bike ride one day and a run the next time you do cardio.

Join a class.

If you can, joining an exercise class can be extremely beneficial to your exercise routine.In a class, a teacher will most likely push you harder than you’d push yourself.Also, you’ll have the accountability of your classmates.If you pay for classes in bulk ahead of time, you’ll be more likely to stick to going on a regular basis.

How to fit your body and Lose Weight Just by Exercising

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